Malaysia's education system suck!

I used to fail my programming subjects, do I not capable of programming? Do I not trying hard at all? If you’re trying so hard on it and you fail it, don’t mean you suck, high chances are due to your mentor, your lecturer or even your tutor.

The biggest mistake of Malaysia universities is they often hire those who don’t have the practical experience to become a lecture nor tutor. (especially Information Technology field)

This is totally wrong, I never knew how to program until I worked as a developer. Before that, our lecturers and tutors never teach us any of these :

PHP Web Framework, Laravel


I feel my life so colourful when I tried out Laravel framework. Indeed, universities should teach their students about software frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Laravel or Spring framework, to speed up their development.

Software Library

Lectures and tutors should encourage their students to use library instead of reinventing the wheel. Besides, writing an existing library from scratch is time-consuming and not worth the development time, unless you building something that never exists.

Git and Git Flow

More than 80% of our juniors don’t know what is git flow, and they always commit and push to master branch. Moreover, some of them don’t even know there have git exists.

Semantic Versioning

I always see people roll out their version without using the correct semantic tag, it makes people's life harder when you label breaking change as a minor change.

OAuth 2.0

It’s essential to know how OAuth work. Currently, almost every company have their own standard of authorization, and it results in the third party hard to do the integration.

Programming Paradigm

There has too much focus on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Instead of one programming paradigm, we should also learn about Functional programming and Reactive programming. Certain use cases, it really makes sense for us to practice in a reactive way.

Furthermore, knowledge like JWT, continuous integration, signature signing, etc should be acquired before they start to work as a developer.

During my studies period, I always feel hopeless when doing my assignments, and I have no idea about any framework nor development tool, maybe I’m too new, too fresh. And I never blame my lecturers or tutors, most probably most of them never know technology like React, Vue, Flutter, Laravel exist in the market, because they never work as a developer, and they never have any development experience in a real scenario.

In my opinion, the university should follow boot camp, hire experienced developers to become lecturers and tutors, train their students to be more competitive in the market.